‘Multiple Family Dwelling’ Holds Deceptive Secrets

Friendships change as we get older but secrets may remain Sometimes we are lucky to have friends we grew up with who continue to be in our lives when we are adults. Those relationships give us a dependable source of friendship and memories to be enjoyed and cherished.  But what happens when secrets have been held back from a friend? And what if those secrets are deceptive and damaging? Look…

March 14, 2017

Lobby Display – ‘American Son’ – George Street Playhouse

The George Street Playhouse does a marvelous job of extending the experience of the storytelling attached with the plays they are running. The displays contain all kinds of additional information available for viewing in their lobby.  Here are some photos taken from the one that was put together for their current production, American Son. Note: All photos credit Karen Nowosad: People were invited to put their own thoughts, hopes, and…

February 25, 2017

‘American Son’ – An Emotional Look at Racial Divides

A hard-hitting, timely play is currently running at New Brunswick’s George Street Playhouse. American Sons by Christopher Demos-Brown examines injustices plaguing racial relations. American Sons earned the 2016 Laurents/Hatcher Foundation Award for a new play by an emerging playwright. It had its world premiere at Barrington Stage last summer and is being presented in New Brunswick through February 26, 2017. Directing American Sons is George Street’s Artistic Director, David Saint,…

February 22, 2017