TKTS Tweet Last Evening

The TKTS Booth in Times Square
The TKTS Booth in Times Square

@TKTS ran an interesting tweet last night:

At the booth, @MotownMusical, @KinkyBootsBway, @700Sundays and more are on sale today!

Why was this interesting to see? Well, all three of the shows mentioned: “Motown the Musical,” “700 Sundays,” and “Kinky Boots” are considered shows that have tickets that are hard to get. Motown and Kinky typically run either at or very near capacity or over capacity. 700 Sundays just opened to great reviews and the buzz is that tickets are tough to come by.

In checking the pricing last night (Nov. 19, 2013) for each show from their official websites, the following prices were shown:

Note: Numbers shown are only ticket prices and do not include the fees:

Motown – $80.50 – $238.00

Kinky Boots – $87 – $147

700 Sundays – $68 – $162

My guess is that tickets ranged from $60 – $80 at TKTS. Only a guess on my part from previous experience with higher priced shows.

There’s just no way to predict if those shows will be back up on the TKTS booth again this week. However, it’s worth a try if you have been looking to see one of them because next week starts the Holiday Season and think it’s safe to say that business will be plentiful.

Learn more about the TKTS Ticket Booth and their system at their website, The link provided here takes you right to the page for the Booth. They are a fantastic service for theater goers looking to get to shows at a good price.