‘A Dish for the Gods’ at the Lion Theatre

A Dish for the Gods is now playing at the Lion Theatre in the Theatre Row complex at 412 West 42nd Street in New York City.

All photos are by Jon Kandel and are approved for use

The show begins with Julia (played by Margot White) entering the theater to present a talk to the audience (us) about writing of which she is considered to be an accomplished source and professional.

Dish 4

Julia has received some news but before we learn what it is, she takes us back to an earlier time in her life when she met Greg, (played by Kevin Cristaldi) a college professor who becomes a mentor to her.


Their relationship progresses as does Julia’s successes.

Dish 2

The success Julia has achieved leads to a change in the life she thought she was headed for and one for Greg also.

Dish Jon  Kandel

A Dish for the Gods is a thought-provoking look at the decisions people along the path of their lives. Tickets are very reasonable ($19.25) for this 75 minute show.