“White Guy on the Bus” is a Riveting Piece of Theater

A Review of “White Guy on the Bus” WHITE GUY ON THE BUS  is a play that examines several aspects of how races regard each other in America. Written by playwright Bruce Graham, this production is directed by Bud Martin and produced by Delaware Theatre Company. The show will run at 59E59 Theaters until Sunday, April 16. The play opens with Ralph, a wealthy white business man, standing alone onstage….

March 16, 2017

“Unfaithfully Yours” Examines Open Marriage

The concept of open marriage invites a variety of images. At times, people tend to think of it as a modern day happening. However, it is an interesting theme that has been explored for mnay decades in theater. The current offering from the Mint Theater Company is about that very subject. Yours Unfaithfully is a slight departure from the plays usually performed by the Mint in that it is a…

February 2, 2017

‘ELEEMOSYNARY’ A Journey Between Generations

The word eleemosynary is not one that usually pops up in every day conversation. Saying it is one thing, but being able to spell it is quite another.  Eleemosynary, is a favorite word of Echo, a young girl in the play of the same name which is currently running now through Oct. 29, 2016 at the John DeSotelle Studio NuBox Theater. Written by Lee Blessing, the play is an intense…

October 26, 2016