‘The Nance’ Filmed for ‘Live in Lincoln Center’

the nance

Instead of going to the theater, the theater will be coming to you through a public television broadcast from the “Live from Lincoln Center” series.  On a date to be announced at a later time, the Broadway show The Nance will be presented.

The Nance closed its Broadway run earlier this week on August  11th.  The show played 28 previews and 136 regular performances and received five Tony Award nominations, including a Best Actor in a Play Tony Nomination for its leading actor, Nathan Lane. The production won Tony Awards for Best Costume Design, Best Scenic Design and Best Sound Design.  The cast also included Cady Huffman, Lewis J. Stadlen, Jenni Barber, Andrèa Burns, Geoffrey Allen Murphy  and Jonny Orsini.

The play was about a group of players that appeared in a New York City burlesque show during the 1930s.  Lane played Chauncey Miles who appeared in the show but had to keep his personal homosexual life quiet or risk being arrested.  The opening scene of the show took place in an eating establishment which no longer exists, an automat.  This particular automat was known to be a meeting place for gay men and was also a hangout for the police looking to make arrests.  It is here that Chauncey meets a young man and enters into a long term relationship which was not his usual way to be.  The relationship seems to run a parallel course to the demise of burlesque in NYC.  As the changes take place, Chauncey is unable to deal well with them.  The sad story of what takes place keeps the action moving to its final scene.

The show combined some humor from the stage acts being presented at the burlesque hall along with their musical numbers, but for the most part, it is a play.  The sensitive subject matter leads to some very emotional scenes and some heartbreaking results.  Many endings and changes are seen as the show concludes.  The acting is superb and the storyline is well told.  All in all, it is a marvelous play to see.

The taping of the play took place when three additional shows with live audiences were filmed a few days after the formal close on the 11th. The taped version will be shown on “Live at Lincoln Center” at a date to be announced, probably in 2014.  This will be well worth watching as it documents a difficult time period in the history of theater, New York City, and for acceptance of those who are gay.

‘Romeo and Juliet’ on Broadway Will Offer Student Discounts

Romeo and JulietA revival of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is preparing for a first preview next month on August 24 with an official opening on September 29 at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on W. 46th Street in New York. The box office opened yesterday, July 22, along with the announcement of their Student Ticket Program.

This is a great opportunity for people who are currently students to see a Broadway show for a very fine price along with good accessibility to tickets.

Here’s how it works:

  • The Student Ticket Program will provide 100 seats per show for the price of $20 for students and educators.
  • Rather than having a lottery or rush program, these tickets will be available for purchase in advance at the box office with valid ID.
  • Additionally, students can be verified in advance to order tickets online, exclusively through TIX4STUDENTS.COM.
  • There is a limit of two tickets per order either on that website or the box office. Be aware that the price does not include facility fee.

This is the first time in years that Romeo and Juliet has played on Broadway. This production will features international film star Orlando Bloom and two-time Tony Award nominee Condola Rashad in the title roles as the star-crossed lovers. The cast will also include former American Idol finalist Justin Guarini as Paris, Tony Award winner Brent Carver as Friar Laurence, two-time Tony Award nominee Jayne Houdyshell as the Nurse, Tony Award winner Chuck Cooper as Lord Capulet, Christian Camargo as Mercutio, Roslyn Ruff as Lady Capulet, Conrad Kemp as Benvolio, Corey Hawkins as Tybalt and Geoffrey Owens as Prince Escalus. Completing the company are Donte Bonner, Joe Carroll, Don Guillory, Sheria Irving, Maurice Jones, Eric Loscheider, Spencer Plachy, Michael Rudko, Tracy Sallows, Thomas Schall, Carolyn Michelle Smith and Nance Williamson.

David Leveaux is directing the production.

Alan Cumming in ‘Macbeth’ is a Must See


Playing until July 14, 2013 at Broadway’s Barrymore Theatre is Alan Cumming in Macbeth.  This production is totally unique in that Mr. Cumming puts on a one person version of the Shakespeare classic.  There are only two other people in the show but neither one of them have any lines.  All dialog is provided by Mr. Cumming.

The main character enters what appears to be a mental institution with obvious damage to his body.  As he comes in and begins to get cleaned up, his recitation of the Macbeth play begins.  Cumming plays all parts in the Shakespeare classic in the modern day surroundings.  Suggestion for play goers: if you aren’t already very familiar with Macbeth, take a little time before attending to review it.  You will also find a nice synopsis inside the Playbill for the show which you can scan if you get to the theater early enough.

Alan Cummings is amazing as he delivers one of the most stirring interpretations of this dynamic show you will ever want to see.  You can almost feel how he is deteriorating as a person as the plot progresses.

The staging for this show adds tremendous value to the phenomenal acting that Mr. Cumming does.  The effects of the listening equipment and lighting bring about what could be described as eerie feel such as one might get seeing the actual Macbeth in its full presentation format.

For me, this show was one of the highlights of the Spring 2013 season on Broadway. See it before it ends it run.