Karen M. Nowosad is the founder of Let’s Go to the Theater. She credits her parents for helping her become the avid theater-goer that she is today. It all started back when she and her family were living in Palisades Park, NJ. Her mother was a member of a ladies’ weekly card club. Each time they met to play Canasta, they would add a small bit of money to a “kitty.” When they had enough money, they would purchase tickets to see a Broadway show. Karen remembers riding in the car with her father to pick up her mother after a theater trip. Dad would ask “So how was it?” and she would excitedly tell them of all that she had seen and how much she enjoyed the music, the singing, and all that went with the show. Even as a child, that enthusiasm had made Karen sit up and take notice. She decided that this was something she wanted to do too!

At RockyThe enjoyment Karen gets from going to the theater is something she wants to share with others. So she developed these fun-filled sessions and tours where she shares what she knows first hand about going to Broadway shows and also to other very fine theater in New York and New Jersey. Along the way, Karen has learned a lot about saving money on ticket purchases as well as finding places to eat and park a car that fit into a variety of budgets.

Karen is licensed as a Sightseeing Guide in New York City and a member of the Guide Association of New York. This is in addition to being an active freelance writer on theater and shows and teaching a few classes at a local community college.

Here’s hoping you will consider giving her a listen either by taking a tour or reading one of her articles.

Let’s Go to the Theater’s Mission

Let’s Go to the Theater helps people learn more about about live theater and develop appreciation for this art form particularly in the New York City Theater District and New Jersey.

How It is Carried Out

The mission is carried out through tours, presentations, get-togethers, and articles published on this site.

We assist people in selecting a live performance that fits their interests and budget.

Our presentations about theater are fun-filled informative events for groups, organizations, and even home parties. We also do sessions for companies at their work-sites or at conferences in New York City and New Jersey.

As a New York City Licensed Sightseeing Guide, Karen M. Nowosad gives tours of the Theater District.  To learn more about these tours, visit our sister website:

The Broadway Neighborhood at www.broadwayneighborhood.com.