Let’s Go to the Theater focuses on the joys of going to see a show live in a theater.

Our purpose to provide information that helps people in selecting the right show that fits their interests and budget.

We specialize in the Theater District of New York City.

What We Do

  • Offer information through articles, our Facebook site, and Twitter
  • Live presentations that fun-filled informative events for groups and organizations
  • Tours of the streets in the Broadway Neighborhood
  • Presentations for companies at their work-sites during lunch hour or right after work
  • Presentations for groups, conventions, or conferences visiting New York or New Jersey
  • An up-to-date listing of the shows that are currently running on Broadway
  • Information on current theater in New Jersey

If you are planning a trip to the theater in New York or New Jersey, contact us.  We can conduct a special presentation right through the internet for you.

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